Frequently Asked Questions

How to cache file to my storage?

Insert a valid link to the input field, which you find at the top of any page of the Zap site

  • Copy http/ftp link to your file (or torrent link or magnet from any torrent-tracker or special torrent-search sites)
  • Paste the link
  • Click "Start!" button

The file will be added to your caching queue. You can find it in your storage on “My Files” page.

Press download button

The download process will start automatically on your browser download page.

  • Please make sure, that there are no restrictions on the pop-up windows in your browser.

Now your files are available on your device in the Download folder.

Go toSign InPage and click “Forgot Password ?” button and write down the e-mail your account is linked to The OTP to set new password will be sent to your email use the OTP to change your old password.

Sign up now for a free account and download torrents upto 2gb size for free

  • You can only download files upto 2gb size
  • Torrent files will be cached for only 1 day for free users
  • No streaming of audio videos is allowed
  • Cached torrents can be downloaded as zip file only

Download torrent from Zaptorrent directly to cloud and then stream your torrent online or download to pc safely using secure network at blazing fast speeds.